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Diana is a minor character featured in Escape the Night Season 2. She is played by Georgia Norman.


Episode 9 - The Dark Dimension

At Midnight

Diana is seen tied down while The Sorceress is performing some type of ritual holding a curved cone filled with a black liquid saying

"What sleeps will wake. What lies in the darkness will overcome the light. Open the doorway to your world that we may be joined in an unholy alliance.

The portal then suddenly opens as this happens The Sorceress opens Diana's mouth and then pours it down her throat she then gives the cone to the Cloaked Zealot to the right of her then the left Cloaked Zealot gives her a dagger which Diana screams and protest saying "She wants to live" The Sorceress then replies so do they she then stabs Diana killing her as blood pours slowly down the rock she was laying on, suddenly a small black and purple cloud appears above one of the idols it floats into the portal and out steps the Devourer. The Sorceress fascinated by him pats him telling him there is much to do she then leaves and lets the Devourer devour Diana.

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