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The Devourer is the 8th lieutenant in Escape the Night Season 2. He is played by Alexander Ward.


Episode 8 - Full Moon Slaughter

After Allison's death the team go down the red hallway at the end there is a elevator. The elevator opens and out runs the Devourer as he approaches Joey, Andrea, Alex and Tyler they then run while it chases them. The episode then ends.

Episode 9 - The Dark Dimension

The Devourer guards the house but the guests have to distract him to perform a ritual. They later lock him in the library only to have to get into that room to get the billet number to call hell. After the four remaining guests get the Twin Idols of the Cursed God, they are protected from him and can comfortably sit down and vote for who goes to the Dark Dimension.

Episode 10 - The Sorceress

After stealing the Crown of Oblivion, the Sorceress summons many of her former Lieutenants to kill Joey, Andrea, and Tyler. After Riley was freed, the Devourer was sucked back into the Dark Dimension.

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