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Daniel Preda has been the Senior Producer of Escape the Night since Season 3. However, he has used his creative ability throughout the show since Season 1. He has played various extras throughout the show, except Season 2.

List of Characters

Quotes (In Show)

"Welcome to the circus. Now go!"- as the Ticket Master in Season 1.

"*Grunt* *Grunt* *Grunt*"- as the Caveman in Season 4.



  • The Ticket Master is the only character that Daniel played that had an understandable line.
  • The Disco Clown is the only character that Daniel played that we never see the guests talk to.
  • The Caveman is the only character that Daniel played that appeared in more than one episode and played a major part in an episode.
  • Joey said that he thought he knew Ticket Master and recognized the Disco Clown, hinting at Daniel playing those parts, but called the Caveman stupid for the funny gestures used in Prehistoric Evil.
  • In a video, it was revealed that Daniel couldn't stand Tana Mongeau, especially during season 2 finding her annoying along with the fact that she was always late. However, he did come around to her during the filming of season 4 with him stating that they bonded and connected with each other.
  • In Joey's July 17, 2020 video, Joey and Daniel appeared together, crying. They confirmed rumors of them breaking up. However, the two men said they were living together for 3 months after the break up and that the break up was out of love and respect for each other, showing that they were still friends.[1] It is unknown if this will affect Daniel's character of the Caveman in the future or his involvement in the show as a whole.