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Colleen Ballinger, nicknamed The Disco Dancer, was invited by Joey Graceffa to save the Town of Everlock. She arrived with fellow guests Manny MUA and Teala Dunn. After learning that Joey had previously died and brought them to Everlock so he could come back to life, she called him a liar, feeling that he betrayed her trust by bringing them all to a town where everyone is dying and also she does not believe anything he saids. Later, the guests are forced to pick someone to be killed inside of The Maiden of Madness. Joey tells Colleen he’s going to vote for her, and she apologizes because Joey was letting them all die and she was upset. However, Joey doesn’t change his mind. Alongside Joey, every single other guest votes for Colleen, including Manny, Nikita Dragun, Rosanna Pansino, and Safiya Nygaard. They push her inside, closing it on her, causing all the spikes inside to impale her. Colleen, renamed The Duchess, wakes up to find herself inside the Museum of the Dead after being broken out of her glass case by Joey and Bretman Rock. She immediately is furious because the last thing she remembers is being betrayed, yelling at Joey and telling him to die. She reunites with Mortimer, who she was friends with back in Everlock, and meets The Sorceress. By Episode 3, Colleen starts rekindling her friendship with Joey and feels like she can trust him again. She and Joey soon after are fully friends again. She is later voted into The Minotaur’s Maze Challenge against Alex Wassabi. When she has to chose a guardian angel, she chooses Matthew Patrick, who reminded her about how he failed to save JC Caylen, but promised to redeem himself. Alex ends up choosing Nikita Dragun. Colleen takes the lead, but Nikita knocks over Colleen’s puzzle, causing her and Alex to finish first, which then causes Colleen to be killed by The Minotaur, sending her to Hell, causing Joey to feel regret for failing his best friend. She is resurrected by The Genie after Joey wishes to bring her back and she rejoins the group. However, she seems upset at being brought back, instead of being grateful to be alive, fearing death for a third time. She finds out that Bretman was the one who voted for her when she died, so she get’s upset with him and votes him in. She is heartbroken when Ro dies instead. Afterwards, she, alongside Joey and Bretman discover the Soul Jar, which contained the rest of the dead guest’s spirits. Then she and the group were betrayed by The Sorceress, who had usurped the museum. She then witnessed the Collector return to life and summon her latest exhibit, monsters from previous eras, which she unleashes on the group. After roughly 25 minutes of being chased, they kill the Collector, and open The Collector’s Vault and retrieve The Cosmic Sphere and Pandora's Box. She pays no attention to the box, but she is forced to pull Joey away when he is enticed by it. Bretman opens a portal home, and she and him exit through it, but Joey stays behind. She’s left scared and confused about what just happened, but at least she’s once again alive among the living.

Season Competed: Season 3 Season 4
Role The Disco Dancer The Duchess
Ranking 5th Winner (Orig.5th)
Time's Up For Elimination 1 (Ep.6) 1 (Ep.6)
Episode Eliminated Episode 6 Episode 6 (Revived In Ep.8)


Season 3

Episode 1 - The Clowns Here Kill Part 1

Colleen is one of the 9 Youtubers who got the letter from Joey to save the town of Everlock. She arrives with Teala and Manny as The Disco Dancer. After a few hours, she waits with the group and says that she thought that this was going to be a collab. Just as they were about to leave, Joey Graceffa arrives with a Society Against Evil suitcase and they are then sent to the 1970’s. The guests are then introduced by a clown and enter Everlock. Colleen explains to Teala and Manny how they should use their skills in the town. After a while the group meets Calliope, a kind of gypsy who makes prediction that ‘he’s coming’. Just then, Mortimer’s mom is killed and the clowns come and capture Colleen as well as Roi and Joey Graceffa in the RV. The clown explains that in sunrise, the Carnival Master will return. The three try to unlock their locks and succeed and they then find a journal which states that the Carnival Master will return and kill everyone. Joey confessed that they need to escape, but they all fail and all of the guests are captured and tied to a Merry Go Round. The clowns explain that unless they throw a 12, they will gut the first person they stop at. The episode ends with the Merry Go Round spinning and the guests freaking out and yelling.

Episode 2 - The Clowns Here Kill Part 2

Colleen, along with Joey, Teala Dunn, Nikita, and JC Caylen sneak into a clown disco wearing clown disguises to retrieve the song needed to cleanse the Jack in the Box artifact. After the Killer Clown Leader became suspicious of the group trying to figure out the locked box, Colleen hopped on one of the stages and started dancing, acting as the main distraction for a while. After the challenge, Colleen started telling Roi and JC to vote Teala into the death challenge. Matt overheard part of Colleen's conversation, and decided to tell Teala himself that her name was being mentioned by almost everyone. Nikita and Joey are also shown to vote in Teala. After Safiya, Teala and Matt come back from the death challenge alive, Colleen expresses her fear because JC was one of the smartest players of the night.

Episode 3 - Venomous Affections

Colleen says that she is keeping an eye on Joey as she feels that he's hiding something. She notices a lady spying on them, and her and the other guests chase after her. When Roi gets bitten, she goes with Matt and Ro to try and find the antidote. They end up doing so, and save Roi, and Teala, who also got bitten. After curing them, Roi and Teala show a note that says 'Place Me on the Horizon'.

Episode 4 - The Man with No Name

When Teala and Manny need to choose teams, the youngest gets to choose first, which is Teala, and so that mean that when Colleen is the last one to be chosen, she joins Manny’s team by default. Each team had to solve different riddles, while trying not to get caught by The Man with No Name. Later their team wins, giving Colleen immunity from voting. Colleen ends up voting for Matt, to ensure that Teala ends up dying. Manny does the same, however, Matt is not chosen, yet Teala still dies in this episode, when going into the final death chsllenge with Rosanna.

Episode 5 - Strong Like A Demon

Colleen doesn't believe that Joey is telling the whole truth and pushes him to reveal that he had died and was brought back to save Everlock. Because he has kept this a secret for so long, she doesn't believe him. She calls him a liar and therefore starts to dislike him. When Manny and Matt are chosen to go into the final death challenge, Colleen is mad that Joey wasn't chosen for this challenge.

Episode 6 - Twin Dolls

Colleen states that Matt was one of their last hopes, and now he is dead because of Joey. She then says that everyone is going to die anyway so they may as well have fun while they are still alive. Colleen is talking with Mortimer while the rest of the group are talking together, and says that she wants to run away with him, since they are all going to die anyway and she doesn't want to be around Joey. He says that he would like that. Colleen runs over to the Dollmaker's Shoppe, and notices baby doll feet leading to a trailer. Colleen is voted in by Joey, Manny, Nikita, Ro, and Safiya. With her being the only one to vote for Rosanna and with odds being 5 to 1, Colleen is voted into the Maiden of Madness. She begs for her life as the others push her into it. She starts screaming as she is impaled, until she dies.

Episode 10- The Carnival Master

When Joey and Nikita are trying to get a zombie to go into the Maiden of Madness, they are reminded of Colleen. Later, Colleen's death is seen in the Carnival master's crystal while Liza Koshy is trying to send Joey a message.

Season 4

Episode 1 Collecting the Dead: Part 1

Colleen escapes from her exhibit in the Museum of the Dead, with the help of Joey and Bretman. However, she is not grateful as she still holds a grudge against Joey, saying that he killed them. When Colleen states that everyone shoved her into a box of spikes. Justine says that this sounds familiar. She is a bit angry at Ro for shoving her into The Maiden of Madness, and tells her not to act so innocent. She is later captured along with AlexJustine and Rosanna. While captured, she happily reunites with Mortimer. Justine notices a box with a lock on it. The group notice that there are loads of numbers on the ground, and they realise that the shapes of the numbers are all different. Colleen finds an egg-like figure. Colleen notices something underneath the guts of a skeleton, this turns out to be a journal. Joey then appears, and he says that he is going to try and get the group out of the cage that they are being held in. Colleen says that she thinks her group is fine, and doesn't need his help, so he can leave. Joey believes that he hurt Colleen the most out of all of the people here. It turns out that the journal that Colleen found has clues as to what the code is, as it would say shapes, and there are shapes on the ground with numbers inside of them. The first one she read aloud was 'circle', which had the number 6, then it was square, which was,the number 2, and the last shape was a star, which was a 7. Justine tried to put in the numbers '627', and the box opened, revealing an 'egg' and a cube. Gabbie is grabbed by The Egyptian Lieutenant, and brought to where the other captives are. Later, Joey finds a relic, as well as the key to the Rotunda and frees the captives, who then reunites with the rest of the group. Joey tries to tell her and the group that Mortimer betrayed them while she was dead and not to trust him, but Colleen tells Joey that she would rather trust Mortimer than him. Afterwards, the group combines the relic and the rod TimDestorm and Tana found to make a staff that can control the guards. Using the staff, Joey commands the guards to go into the Rotunda and the group returns to the lounge. Later on, Colleen and the rest of the group releases the Mummy and the episode ends with them running away from it.

Episode 2 The Museum of Death: Part 2

Colleen and the group enter the Sands of Egypt and meets the former wife of the Pharaoh. She soon learns that the Pharaoh's ex wife is the reason why it's disturbed in the first place and then witnesses The Sorceress killing her with a knife. Later on, Colleen and the group begin deciding on who to vote into the challenge. She proceeds to vote for Justine. After Tana and Justine go into the challenge, Colleen continues to blame Joey for their current situation. She was shocked that Tana won the challenge instead of Justine, but then said that she'll take it.

Episode 3 A Deal With A Demon

When Colleen and the rest of the group had infiltrated the Garuda's gold stash, they find a riddle that says "Pay the one who never forgets", Colleen suggests to look for an elephant, which ends up being correct, and Rosanna compliments her for being smart. They then collected some coins that had fallen from the sky. Later on, when distributing coins among the group, Joey gives some of his coins to Colleen (rekindling their friendship and trust for one another). Later on, when it is Colleen's turn to read a card, it tells her to take all of someone's coins and has to give it to somebody else, she takes all of DeStorm's coins, and gives them to Joey, saving Joey from the challenge and ensuring that DeStorm goes in. When Timothy and DeStorm get voted into the challenge (due to them having the least amount of coins out of everyone in the group) Colleen hopes Timothy is the victor, because of how she had treated DeStorm prior. When DeStorm returns from the challenge, she apologizes to him and asks him if they could start over. DeStorm agrees and seemingly buries the hatchet. However, he makes her place the next key into the slot.

Episode 4 A Wedding To Die For

When Colleen places in Garuda's Key, many Chinese dancers start crowding aroud the guests, going in a circle, when they disappear with a cloud of smoke, all of the males disappear from the group as well, and Colleen thinks that this is better as she says that none of the guys were helping that much anyway, and she is liking the situation. When the girls look for clues, Colleen finds a note that reads 'Start the Emperor's wedding festival with a bang' and there were four firecrackers next to the note, one for each of the girls. She says that she doesn't like popping things, so this is her worst nightmare. They find a box that requires four letters on the lock for it to open. Colleen gets a bit of a fright when her firecracker pops open. On the ground, there are four different letters: a 'T', an 'A', an 'M', and an 'E'. The girls figure out that the code they needed was 'MATE', as when Gabbie tried the code, it opened, revealing a note, saying 'CALLING ALL MAIDENS IN THE MIDDLE KINGDOM! The Emperor is in need of an heir and requires a wife. Report to the palace to be tested on beauty, etiquette and conversation. The one who passes will be wed. Ignore this invitation and face the consequences.' Colleen and the other female YouTubers still alive enter the Ancient China Exhibit room, to see the Emperor sitting down, and his mother standing next to him. Colleen states that she doesn't know who this emperor is, but she already hates him, this is most likely due to his rude attitude. The Emperor's Mother states to the girls that there will be three tests to show their royal qualities to the Emperor, and the woman chosen will be wed, and receive his protection from the final death challenge. The first test is beauty, and the girls must change into traditional clothes. Colleen goes up second, after Rosanna. She said that as much as she doesn't want to participate in this, if she can impress him, she could get to him, get the key, and then kill him. In the first test, the Emperor's Mother asks for Colleen to walk back and forth in front of the Emperor. Colleen states that his mom is bossy, and she would be a horrible mother in-law, so hopefully she could kill her to if she marries him. Tana ended up winning the first test by twerking. The second test is etiquette. The girls must finish all of their dumplings as quickly and as ladylike as possible. Colleen says that the dumplings taste like garbage. When the Emperor isn't looking, she takes the dumpling she was eating out of her mouth and throws it away. Ro wins the second test. The third test is conversation, so they must make the Emperor laugh in one minute. Colleen uses her popular alter ego, Miranda Sings, to try and make the Emperor laugh. She succeeds in doing so, as the Emperor laughed at it. Gabbie sees her do it, and she imitates Miranda. Colleen and the girls laugh at this, but the Emperor finds it boring. The Emperor finds what Ro did the funniest. Now that Rosanna had won two of the three challenges, she was to be wed. She, along with Gabbie, never passed a single challenge. When they re-unite with the guys, Colleen explains everything that happened. At voting, Colleen says that everyone in her group pulled their weight. She votes for Alex to go into the challenge and she says that it is because he seems sweet, but it is like he is trying to cross over to the dark side, so she just doesn't trust him. Alex and DeStorm are the ones to go into the challenge, and DeStorm dies. The episode ends with her and her friends hearing the voice of the The Black Knight, as soon as Alex places in the key.

Episode 5 Dark Magic and A Twisted Fate

At voting, everyone seems to be against Joey and Colleen, and initially planned on voting for either one of them, until Colleen heard them, they then decided to just vote for Joey instead, however despite the five votes against Joey, it is Tana and Gabbie who are chosen for the death challenge. Alex tells the group that they need to help the two. When the guests walk down, the circle of protection is gone, and The Black Knight kills Tana, and a few seconds later, kills Gabbie as well. After the death of both Tana and Gabbie, the rest of the group must finish the challenge themselves. Colleen gets the Lady of the Lake's tears, making her king. Being king, she is able to pull the sword from the stone. She goes to where the The Black Knight is, and slays him, taking his Jeweled Key in the process and placing it in.

Episode 6 The Maze of Terror

When Mortimer is turned to stone, Colleen states that she had always trusted him. Colleen, Matt, Rosanna and The Sorceress split off from the group and are tasked at completing some statues with missing parts, as well as pretending to be the missing statues (Matt and Colleen pretending to be the statue of a married couple). While doing this, the group also had to avoid the Gorgon, who was still lurking around the area. At voting, only one person voted for Colleen (Bretman). Despite her only vote, she was forced into the challenge alongside Alex. Before going into the challenge she also had to pick either Matt or Nikita to come help her and since Nikita was one of the people who pushed her into the Maiden of Madness, she chose Matt instead. The Challenge required them to construct a structure and whoever finished it first would be gifted the medallion that controls the Minotaur, the other would be killed by said beast. At first, Colleen and Matt were ahead, with their structure near completion. But, in order to give Alex the advantage, Nikita knocked down Colleen's structure causing her to fall behind. In the end, Alex was once again the victor and received the medallion, which also somehow caused Matt to return to the living world. Alex tried using it to stop the Minotaur from killing Colleen, but as soon as he had received it the Minotaur was already crushing Colleen to death with it's bare hands. When he learned about Colleen's death, Joey was saddened at the fact that he failed to save his best friend.

Episode 7 Be Careful What You Wish For

The guests find out that they can revive a deceased friend through The Genie. Some recommend Tana, and other recommend Colleen. Joey says that he knows who the group needs more, and whispers a name to The Genie.

Episode 8 Cursed Treasure

While the guests are trying to run from Pirates, Colleen comes in, with Jezebel, a pirate, holding a dagger to her throat, revealing that Joey told The Genie to revive her in the previous episode. She is begging for the group to help her, and Jezebel says to the guests to back up, or she will cut Colleen's throat. After Joey says his oath, Colleen is let go, and Jezebel gives Colleen the pirate's ring. Colleen finds it odd that one second she hates her, and is trying to kill her, and the next she gives her this ring. She is confused as all she remembers is being dead, then seeing The Genie, then seeing smoke, then a pirate tried to kill her. She knows that she should be grateful, but she is pissed, as she keeps on dying. When Jezebel says that the guests can get the key if they help her, Colleen is suspicious, since she just had a dagger to her throat. When Rosanna activates a booby trap and gets her arm stuck, Jezebel recommends cutting her arm off, and Colleen stops her from getting closer to Ro. Colleen finds a note saying 'saves the thumb' and she figures out that it must be a thimble. She then finds the thimble. She sees another note, saying 'stops the grog'. She is confused, and doesn't know what a grog is. It turns out to be alcohol. Bretman recommends to look for a cork, and Colleen finds it, completing the third scale puzzle. The next note reads 'holds a shirt', Colleen suggests a bra. When Ro gets out, there is a ring on her hand, and Colleen notices that it is the same ring that the pirate gave to her. Colleen and Ro are later captured by Pirates. Colleen notices a scroll near them. The female pirate talks to them, and Colleen knocks her out. She takes the key from her, and Colleen and Ro are free, then reunite with the other guests.

Voting History

Episode Voted for Did she go into the challenge? Did she win?
The Clowns Here Kill Part 2 Teala Dunn No N/A
Venomous Affections Teala Dunn No N/A
The Man With No Name Matthew Patrick No N/A
Strong Like A Demon Joey Graceffa No N/A
Twin Dolls Rosanna Pansino Yes (was sacrificed) No
The Museum of Death: Part 2 Justine Ezarik No N/A
A Deal With A Demon N/A No N/A
A Wedding To Die For Alex Wassabi No N/A
Dark Magic and A Twisted Fate Tana Mongeau No N/A
The Maze of Terror Alex Wassabi Yes No
Cursed Treasure N/A No N/A
Prehistoric Evil Bretman Rock No N/A


Season 3 8\12 Season 4 10\10
The Clowns Here Kill Part 1 Collecting The Dead: Part 1
The Clowns Here Kill Part 2 Museum of Death Part 2
Venomous Affections A Deal With A Demon
The Man with No Name  A Wedding To Die For
Strong Like A Demon Dark Magic and A Twisted Fate
Twin Dolls The Maze of Terror


Be Careful What You Wish For


Wicked Witches Cursed Treasure
Control Issues Prehistoric Evil
The Carnival Master  The Collector Returns
Behind the Town
The Monsters of Everlock


Season 3

Joey Graceffa

Colleen was invited by Joey to save the Town of Everlock, trapped in the 1970s. He gave her the role of The Disco Dancer. Colleen was suspicious of Joey. After learning that Joey had previously died and brought them to Everlock so he could come back to life, she accuses him of lying. Throughout the season, Colleen states her dislike for Joey often. After Joey retries the Lazarus Coin she realizes he’s on their side after all. When the group must vote for one to be pushed into the Maiden of Madness, Joey says that he is voting for Colleen to go in. After th votes are revealed, Colleen is voted in, and impaled.

Matthew Patrick

Matt and Colleen's relationship together is very positive as they knew each other before they arrived at Everlock in episode 3 they manage to find the correct antidote for Teala and Roi in episode 4 she voted him into Toxic Lair Challenge she gave her reasoning saying that Matt is the strongest competitor so it would be easy for him by the time Episode 5 comes they agree that its wrong that Joey Is doing something wrong and they both deiced to vote Joey In to The Strong Man Challenge to make sure that he dies thinking that it will be over once he is dead but Matt and Manny get voted in instead upsetting them both that Joey didn't get voted in


Colleen appears to be interested in Mortimer, and he likes her too. She suggests to him that they should run away together, and he says that he would like that.

Season 4

Joey Graceffa

With the help of Joey, Colleen is freed from her glass case. He tells the guests that he is here to save them, she says that he killed all of them. Joey feels regret after last season, when he told everyone he was going to vote for Colleen last season, then pushing her Colleen into the Maiden after her name was pulled. The group later had to grab coins, then receive letters. Joey's letter said that he had to give away half of his coins to someone. He chooses Colleen, as he feels that he hurt her the most. Colleen wonders if this means that she can now trust him. When Colleen had to take someone's coins and give it to someone else, she took DeStorm's coins, and gave them to Joey. When Colleen is killed by The Minotaur, Joey is very sad that his best friend died. He says that he promised that he was going to get her out of here, and that he feels terrible that he was unable to do so. When The Genie allows him to revive someone, he says to him to revive Colleen, and he is very happy upon seeing her again. She is not very happy with this, though.

Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna is freed from her glass case as well as Colleen. Colleen thinks negatively of her, and tells her to stop acting so innocent, since Ro contributed in pushing Colleen into the Maiden. Later, Colleen, Ro, and Matt are trying to solve puzzles together while trying not to be caught by The Gorgon. When Rosanna has her hand stuck, the pirate suggests to cut her arm off, and Colleen tries to stop her from doing so. They are later both captured by the Pirates, and work together to try to escape.

DeStorm Power

When Colleen must take away someone's coins and give then to someone else, she takes DeStorm's coins and gives them to Joey. This ensures him of going into the final death challenge with Tim. She finds out that DeStorm is the winner, and asks him if they can start over. He agrees, supposedly burying the hatchet.

Justine Ezarik

After Justine and Colleen are freed from their glass cases, Colleen remarks how the last thing she remembers is being shoved into a box of spikes by people who she thought were her friends. Justine says that this sounds familiar, as she was carried into a coffin and buried alive by the other guests.

Matthew Patrick

Matt and Colleen's relationship seems to be stronger in Season 4 (Most likely due to the fact that he was the only person she could trust before her death) when he returns, to help the guests as a part of the Society Against Evil, and Colleen appears to be happy about it, as he never shoved her into the Maiden, because he was deceased at the time. She goes with Matt and Rosanna to solve some puzzles while trying not to be caught by The Gorgon. For one of the puzzles, Matt and Colleen must pose as a couple. Colleen states that both of them are married and have a baby. So Colleen kisses Matt on the cheek. Colleen is voted into the death challenge, and must choose either Matt or Nikita to assist her. She chooses Matt, when he is chosen by her he states that the last time as Nikita pushed her into the Maiden. Alex, Colleen's opponent, builds the structure first, and Matt is teleported back to where Jael and Ryu are. Colleen then has her bones crushed by The Minotaur.

Nikita Dragun

When Nikita returns to help the guests for the Society Against Evil, Colleen is not happy about it, as the last time she saw her, Nikita was helping push Colleen into the Maiden. Nikita says that they did what they had to do. When Colleen is voted into the death challenge, she must choose either Nikita or Matt to assist her in the challenge. She chooses Matt, as Nikita pushed her into the Maiden. Colleen is almost finished her structure for the challenge when Nikita knocks it over, as she doesn't like losing. Mainly because of this, Alex wins the challenge. Nikita says that she hopes it doesn't hurt as much the second time. Colleen then has her bones crushed by The Minotaur.


While being trapped in a cage by The Egyptian Guards, Colleen reunites with Mortimer. Joey whispers to her, to tell her not to trust him. Colleen still trusts him, despite this, as she couldn't trust Joey before. The Gorgon turns Mortimer to stone, and Colleen states that she always knew that she could trust him.


Tarot Card

The Duchess

The Disco Dancer
The Disco Dancer.jpg


Colleen and Matt.jpg


Season 3

  • "Is this the town?"
  • “There’s gotta be panties around here.”
  • ”There’s a disco party, and MAMA, I’M READY!”
  • "Mortimer appears, and he comes and unties me! And everyone else, but, me, mostly."
  • "Bitch!" (Colleen jokingly answering JC when he asked if anyone is willing to volunteer for the challenge)
  • "She takes off and I'm like 'OH NO BITCH'!"
  • "This bitch got bit too!"
  • "We see that potion turn yellow and we're like 'YES THANK YOU MA'AM!'"
  • "We gotta say our age?!"
  • "That looks like me after I ate really bad fast food."
  • "Time's up, honey."
  • "You are about to die! Like, plead your case! Tell me why you should stay! She seems like she doesn't even care!"
  • "That cute little muffin is strong! She crushed me!"
  • "Liar!" (After Joey tries to explain whats happening)
  • "This guy reminds me of a very large, terrifying Logan Paul."
  • "Matt was one of our last hopes, now he's dead because of Joey, thank you so much."
  • "We have to get this bitch to the jail."
  • "Bam! We locked that mothatrucka inside."
  • "Come on over, let's drown this bitch!" (When the guests need to torture dolls)
  • "There's no scary snakes, there's no scary clowns, just a cute little statue, but if you touch it, 'ya die."
  • "Sick and twisted mind...Joey, that's you!"
  • "Please don't do this! Please! *Joey grabs her* Stop! Please, don't do this! Please! Don't do this! STOP! Please, you guys! Please stop! Please! Please don't do this to me! Please! PLEASE!" (To the group as they force her into The Maiden of Madness)

Season 4

  • "Oh Don't Act Innocent You Pushed Me Into The Box Ro"
  • "Save us? You killed us!" (Colleen talking to Joey, moments after being freed from her exhibit)
  • "I have breast milk..." (Colleen answering DeStorm after he asks for food)
  • "Mortimer... was my man when I was alive but somehow during that time I had gotten married and had a baby..." -Colleen shattering the fourth wall.
  • "Ding, ding ding! We have a witch! Give us your blood!"
  • "So, In order to get the key, we just need to talk to this terrifying evil mummy whose mind is full of hate and revenge. That sounds great!"
  • ”I thought he was a murderer, but maybe he’s my friend.” (After Joey Graceffa hands her half of his coins)
  • "Hey guys, it's me Miranda!" (Colleen (as Miranda) trying to make the Chinese Emperor laugh)
  • "I'm the king, bitch."
  • "And I kill that mothatrucka, and I stole that Jeweled Key, honey I am the king."
  • "AHH OH MY GOD"- Colleen reuniting with Matthew Patrick
  • "Matt's married and has a kid and i'm married and have a kid so he's gonna get a big old kiss on the cheek"
  • "NO!"- Colleen after Matt loses all his magic
  • "I thought I could trust Matt I thought he was my guardian angel"
  • "Oh my, no, no!!!" (Colleen's last words before revival)
  • "Oh my god! You guys, help me please!" (Colleen's first words after being revived)
  • "So you brought me back to the place where I can die again?"
  • "I can hear Ro screaming bloody murder, because she is being EATEN BY DINOSAURS, JOEY IS A HORRIBLE FRIEND!" - Colleen's reaction to Rosanna Pansino being eaten alive.
  • "Come on......use your magic...kill the bitch"
  • "He didn't come through." - Colleen's reaction to Joey staying at the Museum of the Dead and not joining her and Bretman


  • Joey Graceffa mentions on Twitter that Colleen may not be dead. This is, thus far, unconfirmed.
    • He was most likely referring to her presence in Season 4.
  • Colleen is the second person to be the only person voted into an instant death, the other being Justine Ezarik. Colleen was voted to go into the Maiden of Madness and Justine was buried alive in the Coffin.
    • Justine makes this connection in the first episode of Season 4.
  • Her initial death is considered to be one of the most brutal, in competition with Gabbie Hanna's death from Season 2.
  • Her initial death is also considered to be one of the saddest deaths along side Justine's death and Ro's.
  • There was a rumor going around that Colleen was pregnant at the time of Season 3, but this is false.
  • In the trailer for Season 3 of Escape the Night, her death was spoiled, showing Joey shoving her into the Maiden of Madness.
  • Colleen jokingly breaks the 4th wall twice in the first episode of Season 4, as she mentions being married and having a baby while supposedly being dead, and when DeStorm Power asks for food, she mentions she has breast milk. Justine Ezarik also comments on Colleen having a baby, despite the fact she’s be dead a lot longer, saying that Colleen would be use to digging through gross stuff due to how many diapers she’s changing.
  • Her famous alter ego, Miranda Sings, makes a cameo in A Wedding to Die For, in an attempt to make the Emperor of China laugh. This succeeds, yet she doesn't win the challenge. 
  • She is the fifth guest to physically kill someone (after Eva with a soldier, Joey with Vera and DeStorm with Garuda).
  • Her placement in Season 3 is the same as her current placement in Season 4 (being at 5th place, and in episode 6).
  • Many fans believe that Colleen will be revived, due to her being shown in three scenes that haven't happened yet in the trailer.
  • Colleen is the first person that was asked to be in Escape the Night ever.
  • Colleen is the first guest to be sabotaged in a challenge, as Nikita pushed her building down when she was about to complete it.
  • She is the lowest ranking guest from Season 3 to be on All Stars, at 5th place.
  • She is the first guest to be brought back from the dead twice.
  • Colleen is the first guest to Escape without ever winning a challenge.
  • Colleen made her Broadway debut as Dawn in Waitress the Musical on August 20th. This was the day before she was revived in Cursed Treasure.
  • Colleen is the only All Star that escaped in Season 4.
  • Colleen is the only guest to Escape after dying twice.
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