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Colin Wentworth is one of the previous house owners in season 1 of Escape the Night. Colin was a soldier in his lifetime and was obsessed with gold. Especially the gold from the enemy base he took over during a battle. Colin is an avid cigarette smoker.


Episode 8 - All Out War

Colin arrived at the mansion with two of his soldier friends and a good bit of gold. He ended up killing the two of them, because he believed that they were stealing his gold. The guests found Colin upstairs in the mansion and the remaining girls (Eva and Lele) found him very attractive. The challenge they were put in was a war challenge. Colin led them through the mansion yard, retrieving several items one of the items being a two-way radio. Some of the guests even had to fight, seen as how Colin commanded Eva to run and throw a grenade through a window where an enemy was shooting from. The next part of the challenge required them to open a briefcase found in the room where Eva threw the grenade. Colin had to give up his lighter so the guests could try and open the briefcase. Following that, Joey and Oli had to subdue a beast-like test subject while the others waited on the outside of the room, fighting off soldier-like zombies. Colin shot most of them with the help of the outside guests. At the last part of the challenge in order to retrieve Colin's missing gold, two guests had to go against each other in a game of battleship-roulette. Eva and Timothy were chosen and Eva survived but had to watch Timothy shoot himself with the gun they were given. Eva was sickened but gave Colin his gold and she watched him walk off into the night, freed from the ties that bound him to the house.

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