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Buried Alive is the third episode of Escape the Night.

Official Description

The guest perform a seance to find the location a grave only to find one of them must be buried inside of it.

Episode Summary

After Oli finds the note that reads one among you in league with the evil, everyone starts blaming each other. Then they read the note that came with the artifact they found from The Ungodly Machine. It says they have to perform a seance, and they have to find Caroline's birthstone, clothing, and lock of hair so no other spirits come in. The note come with a picture of a girl with emerald earrings, blonde hair, and a scarf. They then have to find the items and put it in a basket to perform the seance. They rip the picture up, like the note said, and a drawer opens. The drawer has three keys, Arthur says to look upstairs. They split up, Joey, Justine, and Oli go to the Guest Room and find the scarf under the bed in a tissue box. Tim, Lele, and GloZell go to the Window Room and find the emerald earrings in the back of a jewelry box. Matt, Sierra, and Eva go to the Spare Room and find a blonde wig in a hidden bathroom's shower. They all put the items in the basket, and a drawer opens up. The drawer a a picture of how to do the seance. They perform it and Caroline Eastwick, the woman who they were talking to, who got buried alive, said the coffin was by a red stone, and it was locked so they had to take the low road to get the key. They split in to two groups. One gets the key, and the other finds the coffin. They come back together, and open the coffin. Nothing is inside. There is a note that says Caroline was buried alive to hide the artifact, and another must be buried alive to reverse it. They vote on who should be buried alive. Justine is drawn and she tries running, but Marvin catches her and they all put her in the coffin, she starts screaming as they bury her, and then she stops. They dig up the artifact, but a closed wood box comes out with it. They don't know what it is or does.


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