The Man with No Name is the third guardian sent by the Carnival Master. He is played by Alexander Ward, who is previously known for playing the Devourer in Season 2, the Demon Dog in Season 3, and the Mummy in Season 4. It seems as though he appears in Season 4, as revealed through the teaser at the end of Collecting the Dead: Part 1, however we don’t know when. A clue to his return could be The Collector traveling to the Town of Everlock, as also revealed in Collecting the Dead: Part 1.


Season 3

Episode 4- The Man with No Name

The Man with No Name was hunted because the town of Everlock thought he was a freak of nature. Then, the Carnival Master gave him the Statue of Era, which turned him into a monster. He kills the hunters that were after him. He is then left to guard the statue from the guests. He kills Teala when Rosanna figures out his name is Benjamin at the end of the Toxic Lair Challenge.

Season 4

Episode 10- The Collector Returns

The Man with No Name is one of several past antagonists to return. The Collector orders him to hunt for the remaining guests. However, they manage to perform a spell that places them within their exhibit, keeping the Man with No Name trapped in Purgatory forever.



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