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Atticus is the seventh lieutenant featured in Escape the Night Season 2. He is portrayed by Zac Titus, who also played Michael in Buried Alive.


Episode 8 - Full Moon Slaughter

Atticus asked the guests to help save his son, who was bitten by a werewolf because he, Atticus, stole the Werewolf Gem from the other werewolves. The guests had to mix wolfs-bane and quick silver to create a cure. However, when the guests tried to hand Atticus the ingredients, the worried father was scared to touch them. He goes to get water while his son gets the cure from the guests, then warns them that Atticus has a new condition. Atticus returns in his werewolf form and has the last four guests run a gauntlet. He also refuses to give them the gem, but Allison gives the gem to Joey and then sacrifices herself to save the guests.

Episode 10 - The Sorceress

The Sorceress brings Atticus back to kill the last of the guests after she steals the Crown of Oblivion. However, they end up killing him with Cash by blowing him up with the last Leviathan Seal.


  • He is the only Lieutenant to personally ask the guests for help in Season 2
  • He is killed by the group, tying him with Cash for the fifth Lieutenant to be killed by the guests
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