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An Invitation is the first episode of Escape the Night. The episode is able to be watched without a YouTube Red subscription as is every other first episode from seasons 1-4.

Official Description

In this episode, the guests arrive at the house and their dinner party meets with a tragic end (the death of a guest). They discover the house is evil and they must gather special artifacts to free themselves from it.

Episode Summary

Joey invites all his friends to his new estate, and he has some sleep paralysis from not being able to invite others. All the other people arrive, and Eva and Shane go and sneak off to look around. They see the maid dragging a body to a room, before being escorted back downstairs. The others ask where they were and they just said they used the bathroom. All the rest are skeptical, but they go on with their dinner. They all have a small drink, before Shane finds out he's been poisoned. Then the group starts to find clues to find the antidote. The antidote is then discovered to be dispersed between three bottles, and they have a total of fifteen minutes to unlock all of the antidotes to save Shane. There is three puzzles, and they all spread out. Joey, Eva, and GloZell find a key within a painting, and unlock the first. The other two groups with the other two puzzles fail the time, ending with Shane's final death. Joey starts looking through Shane's pockets, and finds a letter, handwritten by Shane. They find out there is a dark magic throughout the house, and the Society Against Evil put their symbol around the house for the clues. They find out one of them has to die in the end, but really multiple people have to die for each challenge, in order to have a couple people advance out of the house. They find out they have to gather artifacts, which the episode ends with them trying to escape, with the car they took beforehand, blowing up before they could get to it. So, they had no escape out of the certain timeframe. Now they consider trying to get the artifacts to escape the estate


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