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All Out War is the eighth episode of Escape the Night.

Official Description

The guests “go to war” in an attempt to uncover a stash of stolen WWI gold to free a former owner.


The episode starts with the group of five, they all find out about this soldier who's obsessed with his gold. They receive one bar of gold, and they head upstairs, running into Collin, the soldier they read about. They hesitantly give him the block of gold, and he remarks he'll help them. Both Eva and Lele are attracted to him, not expecting that he would be some old dude. Collin told them they had to go, because they were in a war zone. Collin had his gun and started aiming out into the backyard, while the other five huddle around the radio. They hear instructions and information, and slowly head out into the backyard. There was a building and Collin gives Eva a grenade, and tells her to throw it into the window. Once Eva knows what to do, he pulls the trigger, and she bolts, scared it'll blow up in her face, and throws it into the building, with it exploding and leaving the outside intact. All of them head over and get the briefcase they needed, and being the annoying person Collin is, he starts smoking. Joey starts to investigate the case, and tries to burn it with Collin's lighter. But they find the code on the box and unlock the box. They find the key for the box of gold, and they have to go into a challenge. All of them go into their little groups, and Lele joins Tim and Joey, while Oli strays to Eva. Oli tells Eva that Joey's planning on voting her in. Once they all vote, Eva and Tim's name were called. They went into the East Side Guest House and they sat down across from each other. They hear the instructions from the radio once more about the challenge, and its a combination of Battleship and Russian Roulette. They set up their troops in their own strategic way, and every time either one of them hit, they'd have to risk shooting themselves in the head. Tim went once, didn't get shot, Eva went once, didn't get shot, and then Tim went again, and it went off. Terrified, she grabs the case with all the gold, and runs outside, dropping it and the key on the ground. She tells Collin off, asking "Was it worth it???" and Collin replying "Yes" in a hypnotized tone. Eva walks back to the estate, and they all meet up again. They all start discussing about the next and second to last owner. And that's where the episode ends.


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