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Alison is the daughter of Dorian and the Vampire Queen. She is the Princess of the Vampires and she helps the guests in Season 2. She is portrayed by Lindsay Elston.


Episode 1 - The Masquerade Part I

Episode 2 - The Masquerade Part II

Episode 3 - Tangled Web

A man by the name of Randal is being seduced by Kira and Haruko, he then asks when he can see the gem; they say he can see it later and that a guest would be joining them soon (unbeknownst to Randal it would be Jorogumo). They then proceed to tie him down, and he wakes hours later, as Jorogumo crawls onto him and begins to devour him.

Episode 4 - A Nation Divided

Episode 5 - The Gingerbread Woman

Episode 6 - Endless Winter Night

Episode 7 - Automaton Love Story

Episode 8 - Full Moon Slaughter

Alison protected the four, but the werewolves made a gauntlet for the guests. Andrea is actually the one who will die, but Alison wants the whole group to live, so she sacrifices herself by handing out the gem to Joey and allowing them to run away. Then, Alison is shredded and killed by the werewolves. After Joey, Andrea, Alex, and Tyler return to the house, they are in the hallway with the elevator, when the elevator opens with a horrifying creature. The group then screamed in fear and ran, while the Devourer chased them.


  • " Atticus, we saved your son. You owe us a debt, and we're calling it in." - Alison trying to talk down the newly revealed werewolf.
  • "Still don't trust me?" - After killing Calvin.


  • Her name is often mispelled to be 'Allison'.
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